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General Information and Policies

General information about lending services, and other information.

The Periodic Paralysis Research Library (PPRL) is dedicated to providing access to science-based information that can lead to a better understanding of the periodic paralyses and related neuromuscular disorders.

There is an expanding number of resources in the PPRL including a growing collection of reference texts and articles, documents of many kinds associated with the library’s interests and mission, and video tapes and CDs on various subjects including genetics and other subjects. Our goal is to have a substantial portion of our reference collection available on line. A number of resources are already viewable from the web site, and more will be added as funding and time allows.

Restrictions and Limitations:
As with any library, there are restrictions and limitations to accessing the collection. You are able to read the contents of any of our "on-line" collection at your convenience, but copying of information is subject to all the applicable copyright laws, and there are copyright fees as well as copy service fees associated with obtaining personal copies of many items.

See PPRL Policy on Fair USE

Some limited parts of the collection will be made available for individuals to "Check Out." Some of these may only be available in electronic format on a CD, or other electronic media, and it is the responsibility of the member to determine if they have the necessary computer hardware available to use these resources (see comments on applications used by the library below).

Our lending services are offered as an option to those who do not have access to regional library services, or who are unable to find a desired reference through other lending resources. Because we are a specialty library, and most of our interaction is designed to be electronic in nature, there may be postage and minimal service fees associated with hard copy lending requests.

Depending on the nature of the document, it can take several days or up to a week or even much longer to process some lending requests. In many cases, especially with the easier to find, or more common references, it may be more convenient to identify the documents you are interested in and then check your regional Medical Center Library, or University Library. We encourage you to use your regional library services when ever possible. We will also cooperate with any established regional library on requests for inter-library loans.

Please use the map located at: http://nnlm.gov to locate the NNLM regional library in your area. These Regional Libraries have a large number of resources to help you locate the information you are seeking. The Periodic Paralysis Research Library also has an E-lending Service. To use this service the member must have compatible e-mail and the ability to open and read PDF document attachments.

The library uses the latest versions of Microsoft Office, and the combination of MS Internet Explorer and MS Outlook for all our on-line communication.

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